Welcome to Biston Trading Inc

Imported from farms in the Mediterranean and Western Asian regions and packed right here in Canada, we provide our customers with premier Dates, Pistachios, Raisins, and Saffron. We will always strive to provide great wholesale products and unmatched customer service.

Our Vision

Our vision for success begins from the moment we pick the fields our food comes from and continues until they reach the customers’ table. At Biston, we care about creating a superior product, which is why we monitor our farms, ensure our packaging facilities meet strict food safety requirements, and store them in temperature and humidity controlled environment until they’re ready to be shipped. And while these are all important factors, we still focus heavily on creating unforgettable flavors through specialized preparation, natural growth, and optimal soil condition. Whether our products are used for baking, cooking or an everyday healthy snack, we’ll strive to create the best taste in every bite.

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